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  • how to realize yourself and cope with self-deception;
  • how to achieve the goal;
  • my fears and how they interfere with success;
  • behavior that "poisons" my life or how to live in joy;
  • how to respond appropriately in emotionally difficult situations:
  • how to protect yourself without physical effort, etc.

Workshop psychological transformation and physicality

    A short intensive program in which participants quickly immerse themselves in each other's mutual processes: habitual games, characterological scenarios, self-deception strategies, etc. To achieve this effect a space of freedom and creativity is created in the Workshop: participants are placed on karemats on the floor in the center of the hall, and chairs and tables are moved to the edges; blank sheets of paper, as well as multi-colored felt-tip pens and markers are randomly laid out in front of the participants; and the coach uses the provocative metaphor technique. All this allows you to break the usual patterns and habits in the behavior and perception of the situation. People get used to the habitual use of furniture (sitting on a chair, writing or drawing at the table, sitting quietly and listening to others, etc.). The atmosphere of the Workshop suggests freedom in movement (they can move, stand, sit or lie) and ways of self-expression (they can draw something or approach someone and express support).  

      .  We clarify which mental "strings" (mechanisms of self-regulation) are not tuned - are in hyper- or hypofunction, and also what consequences this leads to. Then, if the participant has a desire to change something, we proceed to the restructuring of the existing rigid ties between self-regulatory mechanisms through the techniques of correcting the resources of the Ego.


Total module duration  - 12 hours


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