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The joy system is a reorientation of the habitual functioning of one's psyche to achieve maximum success in various areas of life (career, relationships, leisure and health).  

    More than 90% of people do not effectively use those or other mental resources:

  • they experience it wrong (they wind themselves up, come up with unnecessary worries, problems and feelings; or, conversely, be afraid of emotions and limit them, warning themselves not only from negativity, but also losing the ability to fully enjoy);

  • ineffective use of corporality (early traumatic experience is deposited on the body in the form of chronically tense or “loose” muscle areas and, accumulating, changes the energy of the body, limits its functionality, contributes to psychosomatics);

  • communicate non-constructively (not accurately receiving and transmitting messages, a person distorts the internal picture of the world, thereby greatly limiting the ability to draw correct conclusions and make optimal decisions);

  • unproductively build a line of their behavior (overreact to some incentives or, conversely, too restrained and passive).


In the process of getting acquainted with the "System of Joy", participants, with the help of the facilitator, diagnose distortions in the functioning of their mental resources, and also learn how to adjust them.

   In a fun, relaxed atmosphere, you can not only learn new things about your own abilities and unique potential, but also just have a good time.


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