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Workshop "Psychology of happiness - Campofelice 1" 

 8 - May 15, 2021


- Happiness is the most universal meaning of human life

- Happiness is the subject of current psychological research around the world (Carl Rogers, Alexander Lowen, Tal Ben-Shahar, Anthony Baker Laurie Santos, Martin Seligman, Ed Diener and many others.)

- В июле 2011 года  Генеральная Ассамблея ООН  приняла резолюцию, призывающую страны — члены ООН, оценивать  счастье _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ and use it as a guide in state policy

- Universities around the world (Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Karazinsky and many others) have added "Psychology of Happiness " to the list of academic disciplines

- The social importance of happiness   motivates universities to open their courses to a wide range of students (Yale University)

Happiness is a by-product of self-realization!

- Our author's course "Psychology of Happiness" is also open for free  for everyone (you can read it by clicking here ) and since 2020 it has been taught to students of Karazin University

Being happy is a skill that can be developed

- Just as it is difficult to learn martial arts  by theory and independent exercises, so the ability to be happy is more reliable to master with the help of specialists.

- Professional psychologists will not only help you understand and know your happiness, but will also help you develop the necessary skills

Triple Program!


  • lecture and practical exercises (2 hours)* 

  • group trainings (2-3 hours)*

  • program  here (session 1 - 9)


  • Every day is dedicated to a new topic.

  • theater of the absurd "Debosh"**

  • evening community rallies***


  • discos

  • non-stop communication

  • creative parties

*  - daily hours

** - theater "Debosh" - therapeutic theater of the absurd - the scenes are created by the participants themselves based on the events of the training, destructive forms of behavior are kindly ridiculed (see an example here ... )

*** - summarizing the results of the day in the group

- The project "Psychology of happiness - Campofelice 1" is the result of many years of psychotherapeutic practice, comprehension of world experience and author's research on the problem of happiness


- The results are published in the monograph "The System of Joy"


7 principles of our Workshops:

- relax, enjoy the moment and not fuss

- listen to yourself and follow your dream

- share joy with others and captivate with your dream

- the freedom to spend time the way you feel

- manage energy, feel what gives strength and what exhausts

- draw a source of inspiration and be filled with energy and ideas for new projects

- responsibility to ourselves and other participants (we are in the same boat  and where it will float envy only from all of us - participants and organizers of the project)

Location "Campofelice 1"

- A charming village on the Black Sea coast in the vicinity of Odessa will give you an unforgettable feeling of spring mood. Sea air and warm company will help make this trip useful, enjoyable and unforgettable.

- Especially for our project, a base has been reserved, which has all the amenities for living and studying. The rooms are suitable for both individual living and cozy family accommodation.  

Fragments of past projects

Sardinia 2019

Corsica 2018

Sicily 2017

Karpaty 2016

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