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Meeting group:

  • development of emotional and social intelligence;
  • what do I spend energy on and what makes me happy;
  • what I want to say and what I actually say;
  • who are those around me and what do they want from me;
  • what impression I make on others and how to be myself.

    A meeting is a special event, the whole point of which is to establish such communication that allows each participant to realize himself and experience joy from it. The ability to build relationships based on such meetings is the key to a happy life.  

   Участники группы встреч садятся в круг и в течение 3-х часов 1 раз в неделю общаются друг with a friend without any goals given from outside. The group leader (facilitator) helps the participants organize a real meeting. Participants learn the rules of effective communication, a mature experience of emotions and feelings, as well as in real relationships in a group, they learn to build relationships outside of it.

   There are minimum rules and maximum opportunities for everyone. The meeting group is the most effective and reliable development tool.


   Self-improvement through meeting!

Total duration - 24/48 hours


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