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  The human psyche is like a musical instrument - when it is in good condition and tuned, it allows a virtuoso performer to play any musical masterpiece. But, if, say, the piano keys sink down, nothing outstanding can be played on such an instrument. Similarly, a person with a poorly tuned system of mental self-regulation experiences problems with achieving success.


  We will set up your special personal psychic instrument of achievement - "songwriter of your own destiny"


  Participation in the "Being Alive" projects will allow you to make adjustments to all the most important mechanisms of your mental self-regulation system: emotional, cognitive, bodily and volitional. Each program module affects several mechanisms at the same time.  So,

  • the bodily module is aimed at correcting bodily and basic emotional mechanisms;

  • the "5 languages of love" module changes the bodily, emotional and cognitive mechanisms that regulate relationships with the opposite sex (and it just helps to relax well and actively rest after a hard day's work, as well as to maintain physical fitness - 10 sweats will come down in the dance);

  • Life-Coaching workshop works on the body, cognitive, volitional and emotional levels, helping to realize and accept decisions that are necessary for success;

  • "meeting group" corrects all 4 mechanisms and integrates previously gained experience into a single system - a tool for success.




  You can choose both the entire program (144 hours) and individual modules of your own choice and / or with  consultation of our specialist.


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