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Theater of the Absurd "Debosh"

    The amateur psychological theater of the absurd "Debosh" appeared in 2015 as a New Year's project of Igor Kocharyan's Workshop. In 2017, in front of the Workshop of Rest and Inspiration in Sicily, the theater got the name - "Debosh". 

  As a result of psychological work, many of the participants' destructive processes lose their dramatic content and turn into absurd comic plots. Now they are not perceived fatally, on the contrary, they become a source of inspiration. 

 The creative team of the Workshop decided to translate such stories into scripts for productions of the theater of the absurd "Debosh". During year, we collect, record comical stories and prepare the script. At the end of October every year we get together to create a script, and from mid-November we invite those who wish to act as an actor to rehearsals. We introduce elements of the "Debosh" theater into the project Workshop of Rest and Inspiration as an evening rest after a busy bright day.

     В процессе репетиций актеры феноменально преображаются и раскрывают свои таланты. Даже не имея опыта выступлений , may play the main role. Contact with a reworked already constructive psychological plot, the discovery of one's hidden sides under the guidance of professional psychologists and creative self-realization make our rehearsals not only fun, but also spiritual, therapeutic and developing.

     The premiere of the performance takes place before the new year at the party of the Igor Kocharyan Workshop participants. We are recording a video and editing a film that you can watch  in the public domain on this site in the "Video" section._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad_5cf5cf5cf5cf5cf5cf

    Thus, we begin to feel the magical New Year mood already in October and then we are happy to share it with the rest.  

Do you want some magic?! - join

to the amateur  psychological theater of the absurd "Debosh"

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