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  We help to discover the real you, to see what is hidden behind a layer of social pressure (fashion, conjuncture, opinions of the majority or significant relatives). We do this on a solid basis of theory, described in many publications and several scientific monographs.

Developing emotional and social intelligence

What is happiness and how to achieve it


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    We form the skills necessary for success:

  • recognize your true needs and set realistic goals 

  • live in harmony with oneself

  • gracefully get out of difficult situations

  • be able to wait and take your step only at the right time

  • appreciate life and persistently move towards the goal

  • recognize distracting temptations and make mature choices


   All these skills are our resources, they develop in the system at the same time and can be repeatedly improved.



Correction  experiences

Experiences guide and reinforce any human activity. Positive experiences indicate that “everything is going as it should!” and for success it is necessary to continue to act in the chosen direction, and negative experiences indicate an incorrectly chosen path of self-realization.

Restructuring of thinking

“I think, therefore I am,” the philosophical statement of Rene Descartes emphasizes the importance of cognitive processes in human life. The level of existence-life is determined by the quality of mental activity, and not only by intellect.

Activation of body resources
Achievement Stimulation

We live our whole LIFE in our body. Our body reflects all the processes that have taken place and are taking place in us. If we feel bad, the body also changes: posture, gait, complexion, look, movements, etc. 

Whatever changes take place in us - they are worthless without going beyond the ordinary - making a new choice, which is embodied in a new more successful behavior.

Channel "Virtual Psychologist"

Answers to current psychological questions

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