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Restructuring of thinking:

 “I think, therefore I am”, - the philosophical statement of Rene Descartes emphasizes the importance of cognitive processes in human life. The level of existence-life is determined by the quality of mental activity, and not only by intelligence. 

 As a result of life experience, basic maladaptive thoughts can form, on the basis of which the story of further unhappiness is built: for example, “the world is dangerous!”, “all women are bitches!”, “I will definitely be betrayed!” etc. Maladaptive thoughts combined with forced fears create a favorable environment for the parasitism of the "inner demon" - a force that impedes growth and development. 

  Such effective forms of behavior ("dragons") are formed at the beginning, which then  turn LIFE into torment and suffering. For example, the mechanism can be: “I am lonely and I have no money - SELF-DESCRIPT (I am the worst, I am nobody) + VANITY (I am the best, nobody else) - I am a genius, but they do not let me realize myself - my genius is not understood - anger, resentment, jealousy, disappointment - BP in life). 


 Knowledge of the processes and mechanisms of self-deception is a resource to BE ALIVE!

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