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Feelings correction:

  Experiences guide and reinforce any human activity. Thus, positive experiences indicate that “everything is going as it should!” and for success it is necessary to continue to act in the chosen direction, and negative experiences indicate an incorrectly chosen path of self-realization. 


  In reality, as a result of emotional trauma and upheaval, the system of experiences fails: experiences are closely related to each other (for example, joy and grief - as a result, a person falls in love for real only when he is abandoned); experiences are replaced by thoughts (instead of real feelings, far-fetched ones come - for example, “as if I love”, “as if I live”, etc., or instead of “I'm afraid!” appears “I'm afraid to be afraid”); experiences are pumped up (a person intensifies his feelings so much that he can no longer solve the problem - for example, strong anger does not allow agreement, and fear gives rise to helplessness). 


 A well-tuned experience system allows a person to use his feelings as a tool for success: perceive the situation realistically; operate effectively in difficult environments; diagnose people by their resonant experiences; provide and receive emotional support; defend the boundaries of your personal space and much more.

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