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Activation of body resources:

 All our LIFE we live in our body. Our body reflects all the processes that have taken place and are taking place in us. If we feel bad, the body also changes: posture, gait, complexion, look, movements, etc. Everything that bad happens to us is recorded on the body and after a while gives rise to the danger of psychogenic and psychosomatic disorders.


 The body lives by inertia, creates a "vicious circle": in order to avoid strong shocks, it removes the energy base from experiences by reducing oxygen consumption, which, in turn, affects the intensity of experiencing real joy in LIFE ; when a person already gets used to such a pattern, he no longer has the strength to change the situation. No energy - no real experiences - no LIFE - no resource for change. 

 To be ALIVE is to free your body from emotional trauma, accept and love it, take care of it, find the breath and movement of a happy person; open three energy centers - sexual (genitals), passion (stomach) and love (chest), as well as integrate them into a single process - love who you want and what you need and passionately achieve it._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

 The body is the key to change and a resource for understanding with others.   The ability to read messages from the body is the most important success factor - the ability to read messages that are the most important success factor in work, personal life and everyday life.


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