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5 love languages 

(dance-movement project for couples and those who want a LIVE relationship): 

  • how to build mature partnerships;
  •  male and female role in relationships;
  • what I fear in a relationship and how to expand my role repertoire;
  • the art of sexual-erotic seduction;
  • the struggle for leadership in a pair and what needs to be done in it, etc.


  Dance is a metaphor model of successful relationships polished over the centuries. To learn the language of dance means to accept on the bodily unconscious level the wisdom of relationships between people.

The module presents 5 stages of relationships between a man and a woman, separated into one or another pair dance: 1) acquaintance and debut of relationships (“Samba”); 2) struggle for power ("Paso Doble"); 3) intimacy ("Rumba"); 4) Passion ("Argentine Tango") and 5) Social presentation ("Waltz"). Participants, under the guidance of professional dancers, learn the movements of 5 dances, master the male and female roles, and then, discussing with each other and with a psychologist, transfer the successful experience of dancing to their real relationships, improve them.


   If a difficult period has come in a relationship with a partner, this module will help restore lost feelings and discover new facets of relationships. Come together - pair dance will strengthen your union, and the cozy friendly atmosphere and the help of the leaders will make the training unforgettable.


Learn to dance and love! 2 in 1 training

(seduction and flirting)
2. PASODOBL (rivalry and acceptance)


(intimacy and tenderness)
4. ARGENTINE TANGO (sexual passion)
5. Waltz (respect)

Total module duration  - 24 hours


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