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Discovery of the energy potential of the body:

  • what my body says and how to read the body language of others;
  • what women/men want;
  • sexuality and how to manage it;
  • how to open additional energy in the body;
  • 3 bodily resources of joy (sexuality, passion and love), etc.


With the help of special exercises of breathing techniques and tasks, participants diagnose muscle blocks and get acquainted with the messages emanating from the body, experiences and fateful tendencies hidden in the body; open bodily resources of passion, sexual energy, love and emotional intimacy. Working in this module allows you to make your body more beautiful, sexy, attractive and alluring, and the “language” of the body is more understandable and accessible, consistent with life goals.

Joy starts with the body!



1) Anticipation of joy 
• Work with breath.
• Release of bodily channels for the realization of experiences: crying, screaming, touching, hitting, rooting. 
2) Discovery of corporeal sexuality
Open sexuality is a condition for further success with the opposite sex and a means of victory in the competitive struggle.
• Working through emotional experiences that hinder the free expression of sexuality. 
• Search for voice, gaze, postures, movements and other means of seduction.
• Improving ways to control the energy of sexuality
3)  Opening love
• Study of the chest zone of feelings. 
• Getting to know the fears of loving, giving care and emotional warmth. 
• Dealing with traumatic experiences: rejection, deprivation, suppression, injustice and deceit.


The program has 3 modules. Each module consists of 4 lessons of 3 hours. The program is designed for 3 months.

Total module duration  - 36 hours


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