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Lebedinskaya Lyudmila, medical worker

about the "meeting group":

The group is a small life ..... interesting ... exciting ... seething .... new ... for me, the most important thing is that in the group I received support and did not feel lonely .... I I was able to see myself from the outside, understand and accept people as they are .... I remember the first time I came to the group and gave a description to all the participants, and then to the group as a whole, now I remember it is funny)))... in I got an understanding of the group and once again I repeat the support for me, this is very important!! And what is very important for me during the two-year visit to the groups in myself, I discover myself ...... I really liked the group in 2010 and 2011 ... and most importantly about the leader of the group... although he is a provocateur ...... but a handsome man, a candidate, a sportsman-hockey player and just a good person !!!!


September 2, 2011


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