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Workshop of rest and inspiration "Being ALIVE" 

we go to Italy

to Sicily!

 16 - 23 September 2017

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joy island

3 programs in parallel:


  • relaxation and meditation exercises

  • activation of energy centers

  • light provocative techniques

  • search for authentic movement

  • dance movement exercises

  • internal dialogue techniques


  • Every day is dedicated to a new topic.

  • morning work-out

  • "French theater" Deboche "*

  • creative workshops of participants**

  • evening community meeting***


  • disco

  • non-stop communication

  • idea auctions****

  • free time management

* "Fancian Theater Deboche" - therapeutic theater of the absurd - the scenes are created by the participants themselves based on the events of the training, destructive forms of behavior are kindly ridiculed (see an example here ... )

** - participants present their interests and skills and involve others

*** - summarizing the results of the day in the group

**** - members suggest holiday ideas and offer them to other members

Workshop BeALIVE is

rest and at the same time

7 principles of our holiday:

- relax, enjoy the moment and not fuss

- listen to yourself and follow your dream

- share joy with others and captivate with your dream

- realize your desires and help others to do it

- manage energy, feel what gives strength and what exhausts

- draw source inspiration and be filled with energy and ideas for new projects

- beautiful nature, warm sincere company, friendly life and organization of space

Last year's project in the Carpathians

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